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FREIRAUM® d.o.o. Slovenia

Freiraum® car photo protection

Camouflage tarpaulin

Eye and photo protection

Freiraum® car driving tarpaulins

Driving tarpaulin

Car protection with viewing window

car cover and protection tarpaulin

Protection tarpaulin

Car covers and tarpaulins

Freiraum® Car seats samples

Car seat

Leather covering and prototyping

Freiraum® Leather steering wheels

Steering wheel

Covering steering wheels

Freiraum® Leather covering shift sleeves

Shift sleeve

Leather shift sleeves

Freiraum® Leather covering headrests


Leather covering and prototyping

FREIRAUM® d.o.o.


From the first cut…

…to the perfect pattern

Design, development, complete construction

With excellent craftsmanship, great willingness to perform and, of course, adherence to delivery dates, we meet the demands of our customers. We let a high degree of creativity, responsibility and passion flow into our work.

Interior and seat development

FREIRAUM® d.o.o. is …

  • … a medium-sized company based in Slovenia
  • … successful in the market from the start
  • … official supplier of Bentley, Bugatti, Volkswagen, Porsche, Audi
  • … characterized by the following core attributes:
    • ready to perform & on schedule
    • creative & responsible & passionate
creative & passionate 0
ready to perform & on schedule 0
responsible and conscientious 0
FREIRAUM® d.o.o.

Range of services

  • Development of cuts to the perfect fit (prototyping)
  • Foam work (milling by hand)
  • Cutting and sewing of seat covers
  • Complete assembly of seats
  • Leather covering of steering wheels and control panels
  • Upholstery of A-pillars, B-pillars
  • Headliners, door panels
FREIRAUM® d.o.o.


FREIRAUM® d.o.o.
Pameče 167 A
2380 Slovenj Gradec

Phone: +386 51344015 (Aleš Strojnik)
Phone: +386 51344325 (Horst Siptroth)

We are always at your service and on our way to mutual success.

FREIRAUM® d.o.o. Interior and seat development