FREIRAUM® philosophy

We meet the demands of our customers with the excellent craftsmanship of our samples, great willingness to perform and, of course, adherence to delivery dates. We let a high degree of creativity, responsibility and passion flow into our work.

FREIRAUM®, for us that primarily means creativity. This FREIRAUM® in the mind is convincing all along the line in connection with the reliability of a medium-sized company that is already operating extremely successfully on the market. By thinking as freely as possible in the development and design of vehicle interiors and car seats in particular, there is a lot of free space for a creative and innovative result, which at the company FREIRAUM® lives above all through its high level and convincing quality at all times.

Creative work with passion needs FREIRAUM®

Our company FREIRAUM® is characterized by a high willingness to perform and great adherence to deadlines towards our clients. We always deal with the designs and ideas of our customers and clients at least as responsibly as with our own creative designs. We are typically German when it comes to meeting deadlines, but not when it comes to our passion and great joy in design. Despite all the inspiration and creativity, our individual pieces are always characterized by high quality and convince the client as well as their customers with their long-lasting quality. Well-known companies in the automotive industry have trusted us for a long time.

Interior lining and equipment of vehicles

At Freiraum, a team of experienced employees develops exact blanks for prototype construction. The professional upholstery developers and seamstresses as well as the experienced saddlers who have been working with us for many years are generally only satisfied when the perfect fit of a piece has been achieved. Foam pieces are usually milled by hand, so all foam work is guaranteed to be carried out carefully and with particular precision. Our wide and extensive range of services also includes the clean cutting and precise sewing of seat covers. Furthermore, we take care of the complete assembly of comfortable and safe seats for our clients in the automotive industry. Perfection and diligence is just as important an aspect of our work as meeting even the tightest deadlines set by our customers.

FREIRAUM® guarantees a perfect fit from the A-pillar to the door panels

The extensive program of our services ensures beauty and safety in every car. Our services for various well-known manufacturers in the automotive industry also include covering A-pillars and B-pillars, as well as basically everything that can be covered with leather. Whether headlining or door panels, we source and leather them with the same care and durability as the excellent steering wheels that do their job in the vehicles. We also reliably cover switch panels with leather. Not only for luxury vehicles, which are manufactured in small numbers by our customers, we manufacture very special, extraordinary fittings and interior trimmings that are custom-fit and individual. From time to time, this also includes the production of beautiful and luxurious bags that take up and continue the design of the noble vehicle.

FREIRAUM® offers quality of excellent craftsmanship

The headquarters of FREIRAUM® d.o.o. is Slovenia. However, that does not mean that we shy away from long distances, because we like to come to you and always stay close to our customers. In this way, of course, we also ensure mutual success, because if your company flourishes with our sophisticated and high-quality samples, we will ultimately benefit from it in the long term. The quality craftsmanship of our individual pieces, as well as our great willingness to perform, is another building block that always favors your and our success. We work creatively for our customers with great joy and a lot of fun at work. Thanks to many years of experience and very good training, we even meet the highest demands that our clients place on us at all times. We look forward to answering any further questions you may have and would be happy to explain our services to you in detail. Individual advice is of course possible at any time, please just contact us.

Supplement growing market requirements with cooperation partners

We are always looking for new cooperation partners so that we can continue to fully meet the growing market requirements of our time. With meaningfully supplemented competencies, you can finally completely satisfy the customers of both companies together and surprise them with quality and innovation. We would like to talk to you about what a joint creative work could look like. Personal conversations often open up new opportunities and opportunities that add value, let’s talk about new ideas and make the most of the FREIRAUM®!

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